At Rocos, we’re constantly innovating and striving to improve our customers’ experience. In the last month we’ve released some exciting product updates - giving operators greater control of robots, easier remote access and improved visualizations. Read on to learn more.

Dashboard Teleoperation

You can connect a gamepad and control your robot from the dashboard view. This new feature allows you to completely customize widgets and adjust their size to suit your remote teleoperation needs. You can also use the recent multi-dashboards feature to create custom dashboards for each robot operator.

Dashboard Teleoperation-new

Remote Shell

This is a powerful new tool for robot product engineers. You can now remote into your robot directly from the Rocos platform from anywhere with an internet connection. This dramatically speeds up development and testing and allows engineers to connect to robots without needing to be on-site or on the same network. For example, it means you can support customers by taking a look at robots already deployed in the field. Please note that Remote Shell requires the latest agent version 1.6.


Improved Robot Visualization

When you upload a 3D model of your robot(s) directly into our operations view, you can now see the entire hierarchy of the 3D model and bind telemetry to each section. This allows you to visualize the robot moving. You can also bind things like laser scans to the correct part of the robot so you have a more accurate visualization of what your robot is seeing. This work leads into our transforms capability.

Improved Robot Visualization


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